Which is Better, Chain or Belt Garage Door Opener?

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Believe it or not, when installing a new garage, several decisions need to be made. In addition to deciding on a garage door style, material, and color, you will need to choose a garage door opener. 

We aren’t referring to the device you push inside your car when you pull into your garage. Instead, it’s the system inside your garage. When it comes to the garage door opener, there are two main options to select from, chain and belt. 

So, which one is better? Both options have their pros and cons, but they also both serve different purposes.

Different Types of Garage Door Openers

Regardless of the option used, garage door openers serve the vital purpose of pulling the door’s weight open and closed. Using radio frequencies, automatic garage door openers communicate when they need to move the door on the track system.  

Ensuring this system remains durable, strong, and reliable will keep your entire garage safe

Not all garages are alike, which means the components that make them up will vary. For example, commercial garages are typically more sturdy and heavy, so they need durable, strong materials.

Chain Garage Door Opener

  • Materials. Chain drives utilize a metal chain alongside metal parts, springs, and gears. 
  • Strength. As a heftier option, they are best used when installing wood or insulated residential doors. Additionally, commercial buildings with multi-car garages opt for chain drives. 
  • Durability. Wear and tear on the metal parts make chain drives less durable. However, when properly maintained, they still last several years. 
  • Speed/Noise. Since they are heavy-duty, they tend to be a bit slower and louder than belt drives.  
  • Affordability. Being readily available, they are also affordable.
  • Maintenance. Due to the metal components in the chain, they require lubrication regularly.

Belt Garage Door Opener

  • Materials. Belt drives are made up of rubber which won’t be an ideal option for a heavy door. If needed, steel can be used to strengthen the drive when used with a heavy door. 
  • Strength. It’s not often recommended to use alongside two and three-car garages.
  • Durability. Since belts employ a trolley system instead of a chain, they are a more durable option.  
  • Speed/Noise. Being virtually noiseless, they run slightly faster than chain drives.  
  • Affordability. When compared with chain drives, they are pricer.
  • Maintenance. Belt garage door openers are easy and quick to install with the help of professionals and don’t require as much care as a chain opener.

Best Garage Door Opener

All in all, both chain and belt garage door openers offer their own set of advantages depending on your residential or commercial garage. However, installing a garage door is an investment in your building, and we want to help you receive the best option that works for you. 

If you need further assistance installing or replacing a garage door opener, our Kent-based Doorman team can help clarify the best option for your home or business. Contact us today!

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