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Garage Door Repair


Life happens…now what…this garage door just isn’t budging!

Imagine that you’ve come home from a hard day at work. The kids are in the back bouncing up and down for dinner, the groceries await you to lug them inside, the phone is ringing, and…now the garage door just won’t budge. You’re frustrated and we know it! We’ve all been there and we never want to see our customers in a pickle like this.

The Doorman Service Company knows that life happens. Parts break and wear takes its toll after many years of reliable use with your favorite garage doors. Day after day we rely on our garage doors to keep our cherished belongings safe and greet us with a smooth welcome when we arrive home. We have all of the parts that you could ever need to keep those doors working like new. Don’t get caught out in the cold! Let us help you to get your doors working again in no time.

Garage Door Parts we can repair or replace

We offer a variety of parts to fit your every need. We carry, or can get, torsion springs, extension springs, garage door opener parts for any brand of opener, and of course various paneling for your garage door if you, or your new teenage driver, forgets the garage door is down and backs into it!

Garage Doors

Doorman Service Company provides a variety of garage doors to meet all of your commercial and residential needs.  It is not often that we need to repair one of the doors we install, but whether we have installed your original door or not, we can definitely repair it for you.  If your door is beyond repair, or you are just ready for a new one, we can help you find the perfect door for your style and budget today. We carry a wide range of brands and our EMPLOYEE team of garage door installers are second to no-one.

Garage Door Materials- Get the perfect garage door to fit your needs we offer a wide range to choose from. Right now, steel is a very popular choice, but aluminum may offer a more cost effective option. Wood is much more expensive, in fact it is often the most expensive material for your door. Not sure which to choose? Give us a call and we’ll help you choose the best materials for your needs today!

  •  Steel
  • Aluminum
  • Wood
  • Composite

Garage Door Styles-Get the perfect style to match the personality of your home!

  • Standard Steel- Standard steel doors feature classic raised panels and can fit the needs of a variety of spaces. These doors can be painted in many cases to match the exterior of your home as well. These doors offer a clean look that will complement the classic style of your home or business.
  • Carriage House-Carriage house doors are perfect for the rustic home or business. These doors provide a quaint barn door look that you’re sure to love. These doors are perfect for custom or craftsman style homes. 

Garage Door Springs

  • Garage Door Torsion Springs- Torsion springs come as a kit. They are steel springs that are mounted on garage doors and there are two types. One type consists of a single spring and the other type consists of two springs. This kit works with a counter balance that uses a cable drum, cable and roller brackets.
  • Garage Door Extension Springs- These springs are made for specific heights of different doors. These springs are door specific and usually cannot be interchanged based on the height of the door they are made for. These springs work with a pulley and may wear faster if used with a door that is out outside of the spring’s height specifications.

Garage Door Openers

While we only carry and install LiftMaster Garage door Openers – we can repair any brand of opener.

  • Liftmaster- Lift master garage door openers were made to last with durable parts and smooth operation that you’re sure to love. Doorman Service Company is proud to provide Liftmaster garage door openers to keep in the car. We are also happy to provide Liftmaster keyfobs to make keeping up with your garage door opener better than ever before. Liftmaster door openers provide a wide range of security features and horsepower levels to fit all of your needs. 
  • Genie-Genie garage door openers are truly forward thinking! With the push of a button the access code to your door will change randomly each time to come home or open your business to keep everything you love secure. We added safety infrared beams you can also prevent entrapment to keep your children and pets safe as well anytime you leave the house.
  • Linear-Linear garage door openers provide the ultimate feature in security along with safety for your family or business. Linear provides nearly silent motors to avoid waking the baby when you leave for work so early in the morning. Plus you can be sure your garage is secure with safety features that keep your remote control secured at all times.

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