Amarr Garage Doors

All Amarr steel garage doors are made of roll-formed American-made steel that has been hot-dip galvanized to resist rust. The doors are then prepainted with a primer and tough polyester top coat providing years of low maintenance and beauty. All Amarr’s residential steel products feature DuraSafe pinch-resistant, tongue and groove joints which help prevent injuries to fingers and hands and provide a tight fit between sections to reduce the infiltration of dirt, dust, and weather. All the residential steel doors feature tamper resistant bottom brackets, flush mount center hinges, and end hinges that leave no room for fingers between sections.

Steel doors come in three types of construction:

  1. 1000 Single Layer: Steel
  2. 2000 Double Layer: Steel + Insulation
  3. 3000 Triple Layer: Steel + Insulation + Steel

Carriage House Garage Doors

Stylish Carriage Garage Doors from Amarr

Classica CollectionOak Summit Collection
Amarr Carriage House Garage DoorAmarr Carriage House Door Oak Summit Collection
Affordable Carriage House Looks
8 Carriage House Panel Designs
11 Top Section Designs

Affordable Carriage House Looks
3 Carriage House Panel Designs
18 Window Options

Traditional Garage Doors

Amarr Traditional Steel Garage Doors

Heritage CollectionStratford CollectionOlympus Collection
Amarr Traditional Garage DoorAmarr Traditional Garage Door - Stratford CollectionAmarr Traditional Garage Door - Fimbel Olympus Collection
Heavy-duty steel construction
4 Traditional Panel Designs
38 Window Options

Steel construction
4 Traditional Panel Designs
38 Window Options
Heavy-duty steel construction
Insulation R-value 13.35 – 19.4