How Long Does it Take to Install a Garage Door Opener?

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We may have more time these days, but when we think about everything we wish to accomplish, it seems the hours in a day are insufficient. 

When a homeowner decides to embark on improvements around the house, it’s always a brilliant idea to calculate the costs and the time required. Especially when you’re dealing with projects related to your garage.

The last thing you want to do is leave your garage space open. So how long does it take to install a garage door opener?

Installing a Garage Door Opener

The short answer is that installing a garage door opener may take you at least four to six hours (half a day). Of course, this is just an estimated time since multiple factors can affect the amount of time you can spend on this project.

Factors to Consider Before You Install a Garage Door Opener

New Installation or Replacement?

If you are replacing an older (or broken) garage door opener, the installation might be simpler. The advantages of replacing one include:

  • Electrical outlets that exist already to power the garage door opener
  • Electrical connections that can be swapped out with the new wiring
  • Using existing supports of the motor unit

When replacing an older (or broken) garage door opener, it’s also essential to check for the following:

  • Broken springs. Any gap in between any of the springs means it needs to be replaced.
  • Door balance. Test for balance by opening the door halfway and letting go. If it moves, then it might indicate that the torsion spring needs to be replaced.
  • Rollers. If the rollers are broken or wobbly, this can affect the function of your garage door. Replace them preferably with nylon rollers, which are quieter than steel rollers.
  • Brackets. Take advantage of this project to make sure the brackets are correctly fastened and not broken.

In the case of a new installation, it will take more time to install electrical outlets if they don’t exist. It’s tempting to use an extension cord in some cases, but this is not recommended and will most likely not work. It will also take more time to install all the support systems for the new garage door opener.

Type of Garage Door Opener

The amount of time you will spend installing a garage door opener will depend on how many doors you have. The second garage door opener won’t necessarily double the time because you will understand it better from the first one you install.

The good news is that most garage door openers are similar in function. But it’s wise to make an inventory of all the parts before getting started. Also, take the time to go through the instructions and familiarize yourself with what to expect.


Installing a garage door opener is one of those projects that takes longer the first time around. So if it’s your first time, then you can expect to take a couple of more hours.

The Experience You Need

Installing a garage door opener can be a nice do-it-yourself project. However, there are many aspects of the installation that could require the use of specialized tools.

Rather than risk injury, get help from the professionals at The Doorman Service Co., Inc. We are committed to providing prompt and courteous service.

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