How to Install a Garage Door on a Carport

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Many homes are equipped with carports that provide shelter from those rainy days when we have to go out. However, the times we live in are changing, and it seems that security is becoming the most desired feeling. 

Own a home with a carport? The good news is that you can install a garage door on a carport!

Before You Get Started

As with any home project, it’s essential to sit down and calculate the costs involved. Think about the materials needed to convert your carport into garage space as well as the following costs:

  • Permits. Check the homeowners association rules (if applicable) and the local guidelines for modifying your home. Research who is responsible for the costs of getting the permits if you aren’t doing the project yourself.
  • Blueprints. Plans might be required – drawn up with the details of the project to receive the proper permits.
  • Plans done by a professional will allow you to calculate more accurately the cost of materials.

Drainage System. A good drainage system will help you avoid structural problems due to rotting wood.

Converting Your Carport Into a Garage

To install a garage door on a carport, you must convert it into an enclosed garage. This can be achieved following these steps.

First Step: The Walls

The open sides need first to be framed using 2×6’s to create the walls. Calculate the distance between the beams and divide it by 16 inches since the 2×6’s should have a maximum distance of 16 inches along the center.

The bottom plate of the frame should be made with pressure-treated wood when chemicals are infused into it to prevent it from rotting and attracting insects. The bottom plate should also be wrapped in a polyethylene sheet for damp proofing.

Second Step: Garage Options

As part of the framing work, you have to decide if you want any of the following options:

  • Access doors
  • Windows

These need to be framed into the desired location before continuing to the next step.

Third Step: Fasten And Seal

Since this project requires adding to an existing structure, it’s necessary to fasten the frame firmly all around. Use the proper length nails/screws to avoid any part of the frame from losing grip.

Another useful step is to add an air barrier membrane all around to prevent water and air from seeping.

Fourth Step: The Garage Door

The whole purpose of this project is to have a useful garage door on your newly formed garage. The right garage door is waiting to be picked out according to your preferences to match your home.

Garage doors are excellent choices from different manufacturers, made from different materials, and various style choices. Don’t forget to make life easier by installing a garage door opener.

Final Step: Finishing Touches

The finishing touches include matching the outside of the newly formed garage with a garage door to the rest of your home. The cost will depend on the materials used to build your home.

Benefits of a Roller Door

Once you convert your carport into a garage with a roller door, you will enjoy:

  • Protection from the weather
  • Added privacy
  • Better security

Enjoy even more confidence by getting help to complete this project. The team at Doorman Service Co., Inc. has years of experience and are eager to provide the assistance you need. Contact us today!

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