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LiftMaster is one of the most respected and widely known manufacturers of garage door openers in the US. LiftMaster units are designed and built with durability and longevity in mind, meaning that years down the line, your garage door opener will be functioning like new, regardless of the weather conditions or how often you use it.

Choosing a LiftMaster Garage Door Opener

There are dozens of garage door opener models in the LiftMaster catalog, each with varying drive systems, horsepower levels, and security features to fit your individual needs. Regardless of your garage door’s size, LiftMaster has options for small single-car garages up to heavy commercial doors.

LiftMaster has three main series of garage door openers: Elite, Premium, and Contractor.

  • Elite Series – The Elite series is LiftMaster’s top-of-the-line range of openers. These units offer features such as advanced security locking mechanisms, smartphone control, and backup battery power that can keep your garage door functioning during blackouts.
  • Premium Series – LiftMaster’s premium series gives you access to everything you would expect from a reliable garage door opener. While not quite as loaded out with features as the elite series, units in this range still deliver the durability, performance, and connectivity that gave LiftMaster its reputation.
  • Contractor series – This “no-frills” range of garage door openers is designed with simplicity in mind. The lack of all the bells and whistles makes it the perfect option if you are looking for a workhorse opener at an affordable price. 

Four of the Best LiftMaster Garage Door Openers

There is no one-size-fits-all option when it comes to garage door openers. Each home or business has its own unique needs regarding performance and security. Here are four of our top picks from Liftmasters current lineup of garage door openers.

LiftMaster 8365W- 267

“A complete, reliable solution with powerful performance.”

  • Drive Type: chain
  • Wi-Fi enabled: yes
  • Motor: ½ HP AC motor

This unit has become the gold standard LiftMaster garage door opener. The 8365W- 267 perfectly fills the space between the contractor and elite series openers, as it provides you with dependable performance and modern features such as smartphone connectivity.

LiftMaster 8355W 

“A garage door opener that delivers quiet, next-level security.”

  • Drive Type: belt
  • Wi-Fi enabled: yes
  • Motor: ½ HP AC motor

Thanks to LiftMaster’s Security+ 2.0 technology, the 8355W is one of the safest garage door openers on the market today. The Posilock® system electronically protects against forced openings and sends a new signal code with every click of your wireless remote, ensuring that your garage and the contents inside are kept safe and secure.

LiftMaster 8587

“Ultra-powerful performance for wind-load and heavy doors.”

  • Drive Type: Chain
  • Wi-Fi enabled: Yes
  • Motor:3/4 HP AC motor

Featuring a ¾ HP motor, I-beam rail system, and reinforced chassis, the LiftMaster 8587 is the perfect opener for the heaviest of garage doors. With the rock-solid build quality and an automatic locking deadbolt, the 8587 will turn your garage into an impenetrable fortress.

LiftMaster 8500W

“A space-saving unit that makes no compromises.”

  • Drive Type: Direct
  • Wi-Fi enabled: Yes
  • Motor: ¾ HP DC motor

Utilizing a wall-mounted design, LiftMaster’s flagship model frees up the space that would typically be occupied by a traditional rail and trolley system while significantly reducing noise and vibration. Additionally, the 8500W features a backup battery system, ensuring that you can get in and out of your garage during power outages.

Need Help Deciding on a Garage Door Opener?

If you need help narrowing down your search or have questions about a specific garage door opener, please feel free to contact us today! Our team of experienced technicians is here to lead you to the perfect unit for your home or business.

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