Can You Install a New Garage Door on Old Tracks?

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So, it’s time to replace your garage door with a new one. Maybe you’ve already budgeted ahead for this, or perhaps this is coming as an unexpected expense. Regardless, you are probably trying to find affordable options and eliminate the need for additional purchases during this project.

A question we get asked all the time is, “Can I keep my old tracks and just install a new garage door to cut costs?” Of course, in theory, it would make sense! After all, the door is the most important part, right?

Unfortunately, it’s not as easy as installing just a new garage door and leaving all the old components. A replacement typically means replacing all the aspects that contribute to the garage door. So let’s look at a couple of reasons why it’s best to install new tracks alongside your new garage door.

What Are Garage Door Tracks?

Although there are a variety of garage door styles, they all have rollers attached to them, which allows the door to slide about or move. The rollers are placed inside two parallel tracks that are attached vertically to the roof of your garage. 

Therefore, tracks interact directly with the door as they move it open and closed and are an essential aspect of your garage. If your tracks aren’t working correctly, this can cause damage to your door.

Do I Need to Replace my Garage Door Tracks?

Taking safety, quality, and aesthetics into consideration, It’s often best to replace your tracks when installing a new garage door. Here are a few reasons why we recommend this:

Not All Tracks Are Created Equal

Tracks are typically created with one specific garage door in mind, meaning that not all garage doors will fit on the same track. If you have an adjustable track, it’s still best to replace it as the tracks can become misaligned.

Safety Risk

If your new garage door is a different size or weight, keeping the old tracks can pose a threat to you and your family’s safety. Over time, the old tracks may not be able to bear the new weight. Additionally, old or worn down tracks can begin to rust to deteriorate, jeopardizing your entire garage.

Out With The Old in With The New

If you are already replacing a critical aspect of your garage, it’s also best to update the tracks. Manufacturers have created a complete garage door system with all the components needed to safely and properly function. Since all these components work together, everything will be off if one piece is old, damaged, or simply underperforming.

Garage Door Replacement in Washington

If you need to replace your garage door for any reason, don’t sacrifice safety to save a few bucks! Whether installing, repairing, or using garage doors, safety is always our priority. 

Our Washington-based team is happy to help answer any questions regarding installations. Call us today to schedule an in-person quote for your garage replacement!

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