What Are Amarr Garage Doors Made Of?

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Amarr has been a leader and innovator in the garage door industry since it was founded in 1951. Its products are sold by authorized dealers all over the continent, and Doorman Service Co. Inc is proud to be one of them

Amarr is famous for–

  • Innovative patents that offer distinct market appeal.
  • Safe design with patented bottom brackets to prevent injury.
  • Quiet door operation with doors nearly 40% quieter than competitors.
  • Recycled steel represents 90% of our steel products.
  • USA-made components and manufacturing. 

Thousands of different variants of commercial and residential garage doors are available from Amarr. The task of choosing the right one for you can be made easier by understanding what Amarr garage doors are made of. 

Amarr’s garage doors are made from–

  • Roll-formed American-made steel. This steel is hot-dip galvanized for rust resistance.
  • Primer and polyester topcoat. This paint job provides years of low-maintenance beauty.
  • Polystyrene insulation. This environmentally friendly material provides thermal protection and noise cancelation. 
  • DuraSafe pinch-resistant, tongue and groove joints. These seals protect you and your family while also creating a tight barrier against the elements.
  • Tamper-resistant bottom brackets, flush mount center hinges, and end hinges. These remove any possible space for fingers between the door sections.


Steel doors come in four configurations–

  • Single-layer of steel. This affordable, low-maintenance option is perfect for detached garages or spaces where temperature control isn’t needed.
  • Double-layer of steel and insulation. This option offers moderate temperature and noise control, perfect garages attached to a living space.
  • Triple-layer of insulation and steel. This configuration provides superior thermal insolation, exceptionally quiet operation, energy efficiency, and a finished interior design.
  • Quadruple-layer of insulation, steel, and a decorative overlay. This tier matches the triple-layer in function while also providing top-tier curb appeal.

Shop for Amarr Steel Doors in the Amarr Classica, Heritage, Hillcrest, Lincoln, Designer’s Choice, Olympus, and Carriage Court collections.


Amarr aluminum doors combine all the quality features of steel while providing a uniquely modern, industrial aesthetic. Combine the outdoors and indoors together perfectly with these durable, low-maintenance doors.

  • Corrosion-resistant aluminum with anodized finishes.
  • Glass planes in two styles for an abundance of natural light.
  • ClearView strut system for maximum visibility.
  • Variety of paint color and glass options.

Shop for Amarr Aluminum Doors in the Horizon and Vista collections.


Each Amarr wooden door is custom designed and a one-of-a-kind piece of art that offers matchless value and curb appeal for your home. Combine modern technology with timeless materials.

  • Kiln-fired fir wood frame
  • Exterior grade plywood
  • Wood trim overlay
  • Available in a variety of woods, paints, varnishes.

Shop for Amarr Wooden Doors in the Amarr by Design collection.

Professional Amarr Garage Door Service

Whether replacing, repairing, shopping for, or installing garage doors, including top-quality Amarr doors, rely on Doorman Service Co Inc

We will help you find the right make and material for your home or business, no matter your needs and style. Count on us for always prompt and courteous service throughout the Greater Puget Sound area.

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