Residential Garage Doors vs Commercial Garage Doors

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You can typically tell residential and commercial garage doors apart based on the building they’re attached to. However, there are so many more differences when it comes to these doors. 

Let’s take a look at some important differences between residential and commercial doors.


When looking at residential garage doors, they will typically be more aesthetically pleasing. This is because these doors need to be able to match the facade of the home for a cohesive appearance. 

These doors may have more windows, various designs, and several different colors to choose from. The doors will often fit into the architectural design of the home as well.

Homeowners often choose their doors based on what will add to the value of their homes. 

On the other hand, functionality is more important than design when it comes to commercial garage doors. 

You won’t see an array of colors or windows in commercial designs. Most doors will be fitted with a plain design or white color.


Commercial garage doors are larger than residential garage doors. The size of these doors depends on what they will be used for.  If the doors are used to house big machinery and equipment, the doors will need to be larger to ensure there will be no problem entering or exiting. 

When looking at residential garage doors, the standard is seven feet high and between eight or nine feet wide. Although these are the standard sizes, homeowners with boats or RVs can request a garage door up to twelve feet high.

Opening Capacity

Residential doors are designed to be opened only a few times a day. The lifespan of a garage door is predicted by estimating how many times it will be opened. If the doors are opened many times a day, the openers will wear out much quicker.

Commercial doors are designed to open and closed several times a day. They’re able to operate quickly and efficiently. 

If you plan to use your garage door heavily, it might be wise to opt for a commercial garage door.


Another difference between residential and commercial doors is the cost. Commercial doors are designed from different materials and made for high-security situations. 

They are often custom sizes depending on the use of the building. As a result of this, they’re often much more expensive to install than residential doors.

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