Types of Clopay Garage Doors

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Clopay has been making garage doors for residential and commercial use for over 50 years. We are now the largest garage door manufacturers in North America. There is no limit to the variety of style and sizes of garage doors we offer, but in case you’re having a hard time deciding which garage doors to pick for your home or business, here are some of our most popular options.

The Avante Collection

If you prefer a clean, modern style, Clopay Avante garage doors will add just the right amount of aluminum and glass to your clear cut aesthetic. 

Choose from a variety of glazing finishes on the commercial grade aluminum frame. Panels options include tempered glass, acrylic, or solid aluminum. Glass door panels are insulated for energy efficiency.

Canyon Ridge Modern

Contemporary homeowners will love these faux wood garage doors. They are durable and low-maintenance thinks to the composite material that resists rotting, warping, and cracking. 

Each door is constructed with steel to ensure a long and durable lifetime. The wood-like composite material adds warmth and beauty to the garage doors.

Canyon Ridge Carriage House (4 and 5 Layer)

These beautiful doors are not only strong and efficient, but they add a touch of charm to your home. They swing out just like authentic coach house doors with the convenience of modern technology. 

Faux wood composite comes in cypress, mahogany, walnut, slate black, white, and primed finishes.

Modern Steel

For contemporary and mid-century modern home designs, Modern Steel garage doors give that finishing touch. They are customized with or without grooves and various paint color options to match your home. 

Durable steel-panel doors add insulation and are protected by a layered coating system that includes either a hot-dipped galvanized layer or a baked-on primer and topcoat.


These are the ideal garage doors if you love that old-fashioned barn door look but want the convenience of a modern overhead garage door. 

Achieve your desired look by overlaying colors with one of the four factory base colors. You can also customize the glass to clear, seeded, rain, obscure, frosted, or insulated.

Bridgeport Steel

These garage doors feature recessed panel steel in an insulated shaker style. Clopay’s three-layer steel construction is combined with the traditional wood appearance giving the doors a pleasing aesthetic while not compromising strength or energy efficiency. 

The paint comes with a limited life-warranty, the windows a 10-year warranty, and the hardware a 3-year warranty.

Classic Steel

For a traditional look that will stand the test of time, Classic Steel offers various construction and design options that will always pair well with your home, even if you switch up your style down the road. 

Customize your garage doors by choosing the number of layers, one of fourteen color options, window options, and glass designs. Windows are easily removed for cleaning and maintenance.

Other Types of Clopay Garage Doors

Clopay offers other garage door options, including: 

  • Grand Harbor 
  • Classic Wood
  • Reserve Wood Custom
  • Reserve Wood Semi-Custom
  • Reserve Wood Limited Edition
  • Reserve Wood Modern

Choosing the Right Design for Your Home

Doorman’s Clopay Door Imagination System allows you to try out any of these designs on your home before purchasing them. Simply upload a photo of your house and find which design best matches your style. Contact us for more information!

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