Should I Upgrade My Garage Door?

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We all would like to believe that a garage door will last as long as the house, but reality dictates this is not the case. Like everything else, your garage door will eventually reach the end of its usefulness, and as a homeowner, you get to decide when that will be.

However, most homeowners don’t consider a new garage door until problems begin. Constant maintenance and repairs are usually the main reasons for looking at other options. 

While less maintenance may be a good reason to go garage door shopping, many other factors may come into play that you may not have thought about previously. So if you are seriously wondering when is the right time to upgrade your garage door, here are some practical things to keep in mind to help you decide.

To Improve Security

Just like everything else you buy, it improves over time. If your old garage door does not provide the best security options to protect your home and assets, it may be time to take the next step. Those who live in neighborhoods where there has been an increase in break-ins may want a garage door that makes it more difficult for the bad guys to gain access to your property. Newer garage door models have more advanced security measures that can naturally deter thieves and others who want to gain access to your home.

Enhance Your Home’s Curb Appeal

Updating the look of your home’s exterior can improve the appearance of your home and increase your property value. If selling your home is a possibility in the near future, a new garage door can get you a better price on your home, especially if you are looking for a way to get noticed. Choose a door that will blend in with your neighborhood and stand out in its unique way at the same time.


If your garage door is not functioning correctly, it can cause a significant safety hazard. You want to be sure that you minimize the risk of injury to anyone on your property. Old garage doors are known for causing accidents or damaging valuable property when they are not working well. A new door will have advanced features that can automatically prevent the door from opening or closing if someone or something is in its path.

Better Insurance Rates

A new upgraded garage door could also get you to lower premiums. Many insurance companies will offer you discounts or rewards when you have a new door installed. It means there is less chance they will have to pay out because of an accident or a break-in.

Besides preventing the cost of constant maintenance on your existing garage door, there are many other benefits to be gained by getting a new one installed. If you are still not sure if it is the right decision for you, take the time to talk to professional garage door installers to help you and find the best garage door to meet your unique needs.

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