What You Should Be Looking For in Your Next Garage Entry Door

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A garage may not be the most visited room in the house, but it protects many of your expensive valuables, such as your cars and tools. A garage entry door is as important as the front or exterior garage door. There are many factors to consider before making the right choice for your home.

What to Consider Before Selecting a Door

Budget – This can be a significant factor in helping to decide which material will be selected for the garage entry door, as some of the more trending styles may not be worth the high price.

Security – Some materials will be better for protection against intruders, although that may mean sacrificing a specific aesthetic that was wanted.

Weathering – It’s essential to think about the type of weathering the door may experience to ensure the material can withstand it. This may include long sun exposure, high humidity, or possible high impact that will affect the material.

Visibility – How visible the door will be to others may help in choosing a style that will match the other doors or be more appealing. 

Don’t forget to look up the building codes for a garage entry door to ensure the door follows these set regulations.

What Materials to Choose From

Wood – This style will is known for its elegant and traditional look that can be added to your home. It’s a poor conductor of heat, so it will not be significantly affected by temperatures. In addition, it is resistant to outside noises and is a durable material.

However, Wooden doors are expensive to buy and costly to maintain.

Steel – This will provide the highest level of protection against intruders that have made it through the front door. This is a better option for areas with potentially damaging weather phenomena such as high-impact winds or storms. It is better for any high-impact lifestyle, such as one with kids; it is also easier to clean against spills and dirt. It will be a long-term investment since steel doors can last for decades when well maintained.

Beware as it can become extremely hot to the touch when in direct sunlight or high temperatures. The color selection is more limited, and the patterns may be less genuine-looking on steel doors than on other materials.

Fiberglass – Fiberglass is a very versatile option without the high price. It can be finished with almost any paint color or pattern, including a wood grain option to look like real wood without expensive maintenance. Fiberglass resists the effects of harsh weather and lasts longer without the rotting, splitting, peeling, or delaminating that occurs in wood. It is energy efficient due to its fully insulated cores designed to reduce thermal transfer between outdoors and in. 

Remember that fiberglass can crack during high-impact incidents, so please consider any extreme weather possibilities and a high traffic area prone to being hit.

With all of these factors considered, it may be wise to contact the professionals at Doorman Services to be sure you are making the right choice!

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