How to Keep Your Garage Cool in The Summer

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The garage is an essential room in the home and usually requires daily use and access. However, the heat in your garage can quickly become unbearable during the hot summer months. Completely avoiding the garage, unfortunately, may not be possible, so this article will help you find ways to keep your garage cool and as bearable as possible.

Before we look at a few garage cooling solutions, here are some of the factors that can affect a garage’s temperature:

  • Lack of proper ventilation
  • Heat-generating objects 
  • Garage colors
  • Lack of proper insulation

So let’s get into how to cool down your garage despite these factors.

Open The Garage Door And Windows

This would be the fastest way to ventilate and let some of that trapped air escape to ensure your garage is properly ventilated. Ideally, you would want a garage door facing north, letting in cooler air. Regardless, opening it will still bring in a breeze, and the air that’s moving will be cooler than the air that stands still.

Opening the doors and windows creates a cross-breeze that cools your garage more quickly than if you only open a door.


A cluttered garage can be a culprit of an overheated garage. A disorganized garage that includes stacked and bulky items can obstruct proper airflow that would allow it to cool down. Finding ways to declutter the garage can allow you to keep your garage floor clear and tidy and keep the air in your garage moving a lot easier.

Allow Your Vehicle to Cool Down Before Parking

If you immediately park your car in the garage after you arrive home, the trapped heat will warm up the air in your garage and will take a lot longer to cool down. Instead of driving straight into your garage and parking, consider leaving your car to cool off in a shaded area first.

Install a Ceiling Fan

This solution is cheaper than installing an air-conditioning system and will still effectively improve the temperature of your space. First, however, it’s crucial to ensure sufficient space in your garage to install a fan. It is recommended to install a ceiling fan in a garage with a ceiling height of at least eight feet.

If your garage doesn’t have enough space for a ceiling fave and you have windows, you may want to consider installing a window fan to draw cooler air into the garage or expel hot air from the space.

Choose Lighter Colors

It is often recommended to wear lighter colors on hot days to stay cool. The same tip goes for your garage doors since they reflect and absorb light just like your clothing. However, the darker the color, the more heat it will absorb, so by choosing a lighter color for your garage door or exterior walls, your garage will stay a little bit cooler.

Improve Insulation

This is a crucial step to ensure you are not wasting your efforts following the other solutions listed in this article. However, this solution will vary in pricing, so here are a few options depending on your budget.

  • Check or add weatherstripping 
  • Look into an insulated garage door
  • Insulate or increase the insulation in the walls in your garage. 

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