5 Tips to Keep Your Garage Cool

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If you live in an area where the heat is unbearable, you know the struggle of doing tasks in the garage during a hot day. It may seem impossible, but hopefully, these tips can quickly help you enjoy a cooler environment while working in your garage.

How to Keep Your Garage Cool

There are various ways to help keep your garage cooler that may take a lot of time and cost a lot of money, such as proper installation in the walls or installing air conditioning units. However, this article will help you find less expensive, quick, and effective ways to do so.

Tip #1 - Open The Windows or Garage Door

Opening your windows or garage door will be your most straightforward solution as garages tend to be as much as 10-18° F (5-10° C) warmer than the outside temperature. Hopefully, your garage has windows to allow a cross breeze to flow through. 

If your garage doesn’t have windows, you can still open the garage door. However, if you don’t feel comfortable opening the garage door due to exposing a complete view of your belongings to nearby neighbors or the main road, try just cracking them open a little. Moving air is still cooler than still air.

Tip #2 - Choose a Suitable Fan

Choosing a suitable fan is a less costly way to cool down your garage compared to installing an air conditioning unit. There are so many options to choose from, depending on the size and design of your garage. Make sure to research the different options to find which fan is best for your garage and strategically place them to get the best results.

Tip #3 - Purchase a Dehumidifier

Purchasing a dehumidifier is an excellent option for humid environments because it will remove the moisture in the air that makes a room feel even hotter than it is. If you live in a humid area, dehumidifiers are always an excellent choice to prevent mold, mildew, and damage to your furniture. 

The only downside is dehumidifiers do not let out cool air, and a fan may still be necessary to cool the temperature.

Tip #4 - Keep Hot Cars Parked Outside Until They Cool Down

As convenient as parking our cars in the garage is, it’s better to let them cool down by parking them outside first before bringing them in. When the vehicle is enclosed in the garage, it will trap the heat and be much harder to cool down.

Tip #5 - Remove Clutter

When there’s clutter, this can take up space and stop the airflow. Instead, try keeping big and bulky machinery and tools toward the edges or close together—just one of the many reasons to keep a clean and organized garage.

Enjoy Your Cool Garage

Hopefully, these quick and practical tips can help keep your garage cool. For more long-term solutions, consider checking how well the walls have been insulated because most have poor insulation. Also, avoid painting darker colors as they absorb more heat or look into central air units or window units available.

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