How Necessary is Garage Door Weather Stripping?

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Even when extreme weather may not be an issue, it is still important to have good weather stripping in your garage. Not only will it help to maintain the temperature at an acceptable level, but it can also be beneficial for your comfort and for maintaining any equipment, machines, or materials stored inside. These are just two of the reasons you should consider when it comes to weather stripping. However, there are a few other reasons you may not have realized that can make it necessary to weather strip your garage.

Seals Against Elements and Debris

Even in mild weather conditions, there is always the possibility of debris and rainwater to seep in through an opening and cause damage. If left unchecked, water can seep into your foundation and cause serious damage over time. Weather stripping forms a tight seal that prevents this from happening.

Pest Control

Garage weather stripping can also be the simplest form of pest control. A properly sealed door can keep small rodents and other unwanted vermin from getting inside. This can be especially important if you’re planning on storing food or anything else these pests consider edible in your garage.

Blocks Odors

Good weather stripping can also stop unpleasant odors at the door. So whether you’re working on a project that causes odors, you want to keep inside, or there are unpleasant smells in your neighborhood you want to keep outside, once your garage door is sealed, those smells will not be able to travel across the threshold.

Protects Foundation From Damage

It protects the door itself. Garage doors are constantly opening and closing; without weather stripping, the bottom of the door can be damaged from hitting or scraping against the hard concrete floor when it closes. Weather stripping provides a protective layer that will act as a buffer against such contact. Therefore, it will extend the garage door’s life by preventing unnecessary wear and tear.

Saves Money on Energy Bills

It can save on your energy bills. One of the biggest benefits of weather stripping your garage is your cost savings. This is especially true if your garage is attached to your main living quarters. Every time you open the door from your garage to your home, you’re letting in an undesirable temperature change, and the controlled temperature in your home is escaping. Weather stripping your garage allows you to maintain a more comfortable temperature overall, thus saving you lots of money.

The main goal of weather stripping is to create a seal where the temperature in your living and work space is controlled at a comfortable level and to block out unwanted debris, moisture, and other external elements from getting inside your space. While a good garage door can do this, one with quality weather stripping will be far more effective. Even if your garage door already has weather stripping, it is a good idea to check to see if it needs replacing. All weather stripping wears down over time. Replacing it will be far less expensive than the damage you might have otherwise. If you live in the Puget Sound area and you are seriously thinking about getting the added protection that weather stripping provides for your garage, consider contacting a professional from Doorman Services so we can help you take the next step.

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