How Important is Garage Door Weather Stripping?

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We all know how important it is to have weather stripping in your home. It is essential for preventing drafts and helping to control the temperature. However, few of us think about doing the same for our garages. Yet, there are many good reasons to weatherstrip your garage door as well.

Your garage door will be the largest in your home. While it will have its own bottom seal designed to reduce the likelihood of unwanted weather elements like dirt, water, and wind from entering your property, there are other concerns that every homeowner should be aware of.

Weather Stripping is Essential

They keep out unwanted guests. Weather stripping provides an additional barrier for any unpleasant visitors like insects, rodents, or other vermin that may enter your home. We tend to think of these critters as wanting to get at the food, usually stored in your living space, but an unprotected garage door can serve as an open invitation to come for dinner. Also, since your garage door can be huge, it would be an easy shortcut to the rest of your house where they could set up housekeeping for an extended time.

It ensures a tighter seal when the door is closed. This seal not only helps to prevent pests from entering but helps to maintain a constant temperature inside your garage. This seal is essential if you plan to use your garage as a workshop or a playroom for children. 

Good weather stripping can also prevent smoke and fumes from getting into your home. If you have an attached garage, any gasses or fumes that may emit from your vehicles can easily drift into your home and cause health hazards. You must ensure that any toxic chemicals or odors that emanate from your garage do not escape and put your family’s health in jeopardy. 

It keeps your garage clean. Unfortunately, inclement weather doesn’t just create uncomfortable temperatures; it can also make quite a mess. Weatherstripping your garage keeps outside dust, leaves, and anything else from getting inside. However, when the wind outside gets too intense or water levels too high, they can bring all sorts of debris that you will have to clean up when everything settles down. 

It prolongs the life of your garage door. These doors will suffer through years of wear and tear that can erode their efficiency over time. In addition, the constant contact with the base floor can eventually show signs of damage. Good weather stripping can provide an excellent cushion to minimize the possibility of damage to your garage floor or the door itself and extend the life of your door.

Do I Need to Replace my Door's Weather Stripping?

It doesn’t matter what type of weather stripping you have in your garage door; eventually, it will erode and need to be replaced. So whether you’re considering weather stripping for the first time or replacing an older seal, it is worth it to have it up to date so you can prevent any of these unwanted conditions from eroding the life of your garage door and keep your family and home safe.

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