Benefits of Overhead Garage Doors

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Whether it’s for residential or commercial properties, overhead garage doors can be great assets. Reviewing the space in your garage will help you decide on the best style of overhead garage door for you. 

Whichever choice you make, an overhead garage door can provide benefits like privacy, security, ease of entry, and a beautiful and professional look.


When a home doesn’t have a garage space with an overhead door, there will exist a lack of privacy. The only place to park is the driveway or curbside, out in the open, where everyone can see you. Everyone will know when you leave, get home, what you buy. 

Another reason to want privacy is if you use your garage space for hobbies rather than your car. You can work freely and privately, whether it’s on some home projects or if you enjoy doing your car maintenance and repairs. 

By having an overhead garage door, you choose the level of privacy you have by deciding when and what people get to see. If the garage is useful as storage space, then no one has to see your secret mess.


Whatever you decide to use your garage space for, your overhead garage door provides security. Garage doors are built strong and made to be only opened by the owner with the overhead garage door opener.

If you use the garage as a storage space, you can have confidence that it’s safe. Many homeowners see this space as an extension of the home that’s secure. Sometimes the door that leads to the garage is even left unlocked.

Homeowners that park their vehicles outside might not have complete confidence that their property is safe. By parking our cars behind these secure overhead garage doors, we can reduce the risk of theft.

Have you ever left something inside the house but remember when you’re in the car? No worries. Using your garage space to park your vehicle will allow you to leave anything in the car while you back inside.

Ease of Entry

An overhead garage door opener in your car, on your keys, or even on your phone will allow you to access your garage with ease. There is no need to leave your vehicle until that door has closed behind you.

Any family with children or elderly family members will appreciate the benefit of a garage space when the weather isn’t so nice outside. There will be no need to worry if it’s pouring rain and you have to get groceries out of the car.


Before thinking about the overhead garage door installation, there are a couple of other decisions to be made. You have the power to add beauty to your home with the following choices:

  1. Material. The most common materials of overhead garage doors include steel, aluminum, wood, and fiberglass.
  2. Style. There are so many styles from modern to the carriage house, each to match any homeowner. You can also choose between two single garage doors or one double garage door.
  3. Color. The possibilities of color can be endless so that you can match it perfectly with your home.

Don't Get Overwhelmed

Whether you’re deciding on an overhead garage door for a new home or need to replace your current door, the Doorman Service Company is here to assist you along the way.

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