Two Single Garage Doors vs. One Double Garage Door

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Future and current homeowners alike have one thing in common. Both face many decisions when it comes to building or renovating their dream home. Some of the first things you look for is a person to paint or a flooring company. 

But what about a garage door guy? They are here to help you make the hard decisions, like deciding between two single garage doors or one double garage door.

Benefits of Two Single Door Garages

The majority share the opinion that the two doors are more attractive. If you own multiple cars, you don’t have to worry about two vehicles being too close. By having two doors, you can control how much other people see, especially if you decide to have a multi-purpose garage. 

Things will always malfunction at some point, but hopefully, it won’t happen to both doors at once. If one of the doors gives you problems, then you have a backup door. So you don’t have to worry about your cars being stuck in your garage.

Having two doors will also be beneficial for you in the following two ways:

  1. When entering or exiting your car, opening only one door will prevent the heat or cold from filling up your garage space.
  2. By controlling airflow, this will have less of an impact on your air conditioning and heater, which will reduce your electricity bill.

Things to keep in mind:

  • Garage space should be at least 22 feet wide for easy mobility
  • In most cases, you can choose the space between both garage doors

Disadvantages of Two Single Garage Doors

The initial cost is more when choosing to have two garage doors. Maintenance and repair will also be needed more often when you own two garage doors.

Benefits of One Double Garage Door

The most significant advantage of having one double garage door is that your space isn’t cut in half. Having more room to move around is ideal for families with babies handling child seats and those with elderly family members.

If you enjoy bigger vehicles, like SUVs or heavy-duty trucks, you will enjoy entering and exiting your garage with ease. You can also open your big double door and work on both your cars simultaneously. 

Choosing the one double garage door option will require less initial costs. Maintenance and repair costs will also be lower and come along less often.

Things to keep in mind:

  • Garage space should be at least 18 feet wide for a double garage door
  • Some single door styles can look like double doors

Disadvantages of One Double Garage Door

One disadvantage arises when you have problems with your garage door. If a mishap occurs while your car is inside, then it might be stuck in there until the problem is fixed. Imagine having both of your vehicles inside!

When you choose this option, you will also have to park cars closer together. This leaves less room in between the vehicles, making it harder to pack up the car. Imagine having to carefully open your car door and carefully slide in, so the doors don’t bump into each other. How inconvenient when you’re running late for work!

Receive Expert Help

The choice for the right garage door can seem overwhelming unless you contact the perfect garage guy. Here at the Doorman Service Company, we pride ourselves on being the best help possible with finding the ideal match.

Feel free to try out our Clopay Door Imagination System™ and visualize your perfect home with your perfect garage.

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