Are Garage Door Windows A Good Idea?

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New garage doors are sure to change your home for the better–increasing its resale value, adding curb appeal, and extra security. Still, as a homeowner, there are so many options to weigh. What may be a perfect choice for one home might not be ideal for another.

One of the most significant considerations is whether to have garage door windows. Let’s break down the pros, cons, and myths about garage door windows so you can buy with confidence.

What Are the Benefits Of Garage Door Windows?

Garage door windows offer some fantastic perks that are hard to live without.

Natural Light

The benefits of natural light are practically innumerable. Study after study concludes that humans thrive in natural light. It provides benefits like:

  • Improved mood
  • Increased productivity 
  • Higher Vitamin-C Production
  • Healthier vision
  • Better Sleep

Many homeowners spend vast amounts of time working, doing hobbies, or taking care of chores in their garage. Garage door windows give us all the benefits of natural light while still allowing us to enjoy the privacy and security of a closed garage door.

In addition, natural light saves on electricity because, without it, the space would need to be lit artificially anytime the garage is used.

Curb Appeal

Without a doubt, garage door windows add to the beauty of our homes. They provide an approachable feel to what would otherwise be a very large, intimidating blank space. 

Garage door windows come in a huge variety of styles, levels of opaqueness, size, and placement. No matter the design of your house, you can find a style of garage door window that will compliment your property and add to its beauty.

Dispelling Garage Door Window Concerns

We want you to be sure about your choice of garage doors. Here are some reasons to be confident about some common garage door window worries.


Our home is our sanctuary, and none of us want to be spied on or have our privacy invaded. So it’s a natural concern when deciding if garage door windows are right for our home. Thankfully, garage door windows are designed with privacy in mind.

  1. Garage door windows can be placed to maintain privacy. This usually involves situating them at the top of the garage door. This allows for natural light to enter, but not unwanted eyes.
  2. Garage door windows can use privacy glass. This includes tinted, mirrored, or frosted glass. Even if the windows were at ground level, the glass would block a clear view of the interior.


Will garage door windows provide easy access to your house in the event of a robbery?

There are several reasons to be confident in the security of your garage:

  • Garages are used as a point of entry in only 10% of break-ins.
  • Garage door windows are usually far too small to be a point of entry
  • Garage door windows can be installed with tempered glass to avoid breakage.
  • As discussed above, garage door windows can be designed to stop would-be thieves from being able to look inside.

Trust The Experts

No matter your garage door needs, our team at Doorman Service Co. is here to help you find the perfect match. Contact us today to consult with the best about your future garage door.

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