Pros and Cons of Garage Door Windows

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When looking to upgrade the exterior of their home, many homeowners turn their attention to the garage. If you currently have a simple garage door, you might be looking at one with windows to breathe some new life into your home’s exterior.

Before making a final decision, you should consider a few pros and cons of garage door windows.

Garage Door Window Pros

Improve Your Home’s Aesthetic

For starters, garage doors with windows look better than their traditional counterparts. Installing these types of garage doors is an easy way to boost your home’s curb appeal and make it stand out from others on your street. This can also make selling your home more straightforward in the future. If you’ve recently completed a home remodel, a new garage door is just what you need to tie everything together.

Bring in Natural Light

The garage is often a dark room in your house with a dim overhead light that doesn’t do much to brighten up the place. Garage door windows help to bring in some much-needed natural light while keeping your garage door closed. Gone are the days of stumbling through the dark to find the light switch.

Allows for Customization

Unlike typical garage doors with basic panels, garage doors with windows allow for customization. You can opt for triangular windows, rectangular windows, circular windows, or even choose a custom-sized window centerpiece.

Garage Door Window Cons

Decreased Privacy

Unfortunately, the same windows letting in light can also allow wandering eyes to see inside your home. Potential thieves may use these windows to see what they want to take and then return later to finish the job. In addition, they may think that glass is easy to break, making your home a target in the neighborhood.

However, remember that most garage doors are at a height that most people can’t reach. If you’re especially worried, you can look into installing frosted or tinted glass windows for added security.

Increased Levels of Maintenance

Having windows on your garage doors means you need to keep them clean. You may have to purchase different cleaning supplies to clean the glass, and you’ll need to show more care as well.

Increased Chances of Damage

If you have young children that enjoy playing outside, installing a garage door full of windows may be an accident waiting to happen. All it takes is one stray ball to shatter that beautiful corner window you so lovingly picked out. Consider installing stronger glass in your windows if you’re worried about their durability.

Bottom Line: Should You Put Windows In A Garage Door?

Whether or not you decide on a garage door with windows is entirely up to you. You’ll need to take into account your surroundings, your family, and your privacy needs.

No matter what you decide, you want a garage door that will add to your home’s curb appeal. So if you’re looking to install a new garage door, don’t hesitate to reach out today. We are more than happy to help you find the right garage door for your home.

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