How Can Roll Up Doors Be Beneficial For Your Business?

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Outfitting your business property with the right garage door is important for practical and aesthetic reasons. Still, it’s common to be lost among the many possible offerings. Rather than compare thousands of garage doors, let’s take a deep dive into just one type–roll up doors.

Roll up doors are a timeless option and workhorse at businesses across the globe. This style of garage door was first introduced in 1921 when the first upward-acting garage door was invented. 

It was perfected in 1955, with the garage door being rolled into a cylinder when not in use–saving space and keeping the garage door safe while not in use. Refinements over the years have perfected this classic system.

Its widespread use for over a hundred years is a testament to its many practical benefits.

Roll Up Doors Offer Security

These are among some of the strongest, most robust styles of garage doors, with:

  • Steel frames
  • Locks on the inside, edges, and bottom
  • Airtight ground seal
  • Steel door panels

Roll up doors will fortify your property far better than almost all other types of doors. Thieves or intruders would need to dedicate significant time with specialized tools to get through a sealed steel roll up door.

Roll Up Doors Insulate Well to Save Money

These doors are built with insulating foam. This, combined with roll up doors’ airtight seals, provides excellent isolation from the elements. Whether your property is in a hot or cold region, these doors will keep your garage space at a more comfortable temperature.

Especially if you heat or cool your workspace, this insulation layer is one of the most attractive benefits. A solid layer of isolation will save you in the long run, and those savings will eventually pay for the roll up door.

Roll Up Doors Provide Noise Protection

The same features that insulate against the elements also insulate against noise. The foam, the seals, and the sturdy construction will muffle a huge amount of unwanted noise. 

The noise reduction is ideal for properties that want to either limit noise from the outside or keep especially noisy work contained.

Roll Up Doors Require Little Maintenance

These doors are designed to take a beating. Whether the wear and tear come from thunderstorms, impacts, or repeated use–these doors rarely break and so rarely require fixing. In the rare event that they are severely damaged, they’re easy to replace.

Roll up doors include components specifically built for durability, such as:

  • Corner guards
  • Bottom bars
  • Spring coatings

Rely on the Roll Up Door Experts

No matter what your needs are–the size of the door, budget, location, and more, there’s a perfect garage door. It can be a challenge to wage through the options and find the ideal door, but you don’t have to figure it out yourself.

Trust the experienced team at Doorman Service Co Inc. We’ll help you navigate the options and get your commercial, residential, or industrial property the exact door it needs.

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