Does Your Building Need a Rolling Steel Door?

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Deciding what kind of door your building needs is crucial for aesthetic and practical reasons. Some commercial garage doors give more benefits than others, especially roll-up steel doors.

Therefore, it is essential to consider what your needs are before purchasing a rolling steel door. 

Commercial doors are significant as they can affect how potential customers view your business, ensure it is secure, and help cut down on utility bills. 

Let’s look at some questions you can ask yourself before buying your commercial door.

How Frequently Will You Use Your Commercial Door?

Maintenance costs will add up over time, so it is essential to know how often you will use your commercial door. If you use the door every day, it is sensible to buy something durable. 

Heavy-duty doors are the most popular choice in most warehouse and commercial buildings. Most parts come pre-assembled and are inside the door’s barrel assembly. As a result, you do not need to grease the springs or frequently do tedious, time-consuming maintenance.

What is Your Climate Like?

It is essential to consider what your region’s weather is typically like. For example, if hurricanes, tornadoes and large storms are prevalent in your area, getting a rolling steel door is prudent as it withstands almost all types of weather. 

Rolling Steel Doors have excellent insulation, which provides a lot of benefits for a business 

  • They lower heating and cooling costs. This type of commercial door is considerably energy efficient and ensures that the weather outside does not affect the temperature inside your building. 
  • They preserve the quality of your products. Humidity or extreme weather can damage your goods, so the insulation protects your products from ruin. They can also be built to be fire-resistant. 
  • They reduce the noise pollution in and out of the building. The insulation provides a sound barrier that will minimize distractions for workers or discomfort for customers. 

How Big do You Need Your Commercial Door to be?

Lastly, calculate the dimensions of your doorway. Getting a tailor-made commercial door is the best option if your entryway is relatively big or requires a custom fit. Rolling steel doors are more customizable than other options, varying in size, model, color, and operation. 

Rolling steel doors also make the most of your area; they free up ceiling space, allowing you to increase lighting, add HVAC components, and give ample room for emergency fire sprinklers.

Other Benefits

They increase the security of your building. Steel rolling doors are unmatched in their security. Their structural integrity makes it almost impossible to break in. 

No matter your needs–the door size, budget, location, and more, there’s a perfect garage door. It can be challenging to navigate the options and find the ideal commercial door, but you don’t have to figure it out yourself.

Trust the experienced Doorman Service Co Inc. for commercial doors in Kent, WA. We’ll help you navigate the options and get you the exact door that you need.

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