Common Garage Door Problems and How to Troubleshoot Them

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Have you ever gone out to your garage only to find that your garage door won’t open? It’s a situation we’ve all experienced at least once, but unfortunately, it’s becoming more common due to the complexities of modern garage doors.

To help you get on top of your garage door troubleshooting and installation, we’ve outlined the common issues and how to troubleshoot them.

Faulty Garage Door Openers

One of the most common issues that homeowners experience with their garage doors is issues with their garage door openers. If your door opener isn’t working, it’s essential to inspect the unit to determine what is causing the problem.

If your remote isn’t functioning, you may have an issue with the power supply. First, check to ensure your opener’s power outlet is still working.

If the power issue is not the cause, you may need to look at the circuits inside your opener. Sometimes, the circuit boards can become damaged and require replacement. If this is the case, contacting a professional repair service is best to ensure the job is done correctly.

Broken Springs

One of the most common garage door issues is broken springs, which can cause the door to become unbalanced and create uneven movement. The good news is that you can quickly tell if the springs are broken – if you can see one or more springs that are visibly broken or out of place, this is likely the cause of the issue.

You can try tightening the springs or replacing them altogether, but it is best to call a professional if this is the case.

Warping or Cracks in the Garage Door

It’s not uncommon for garage doors to get warped or cracked over time due to exposure to hot and cold temperatures or heavy use. This can create a gap between the door and the frame, allowing air and moisture to enter the garage. To repair this issue, you may need to replace the panels and hardware or do some damage control with touch-up paint.

Garage Door Stuck

If the door is stuck, it could be due to an obstruction in the tracks or simply because the door has moved off its track. To resolve this issue, inspect the tracks to see if an object is blocking them. If an object has fallen or been placed on the tracks, remove it and try the door again.

If the door still doesn’t move, try to open it manually. If you can’t do this, then the track is likely misaligned. Next, you can reset the wheels of the garage door back into the track. Finally, remove the tension springs and slide the rollers back into the track.


If you are a homeowner in the Puget Sound area and are having trouble with your garage door. In that case, it may be time to call Doorman Service Co. Inc. Our experienced technicians specialize in all garage door repair services, from fixing broken springs to repairing sensors. We’ll have your door running smoothly again in no time. Contact Doorman Service Co. Inc. today for an appointment if you need fast and reliable service.

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