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Are you looking to maximize the space in your garage? Want more room for projects without having to worry about damaging or hitting the garage doors? A high lift or roof pitch garage door might be what you need.

Standard Lift vs. Roof Pitch and High Lift Garage Door

A roof pitch and high lift door will give you all the benefits a standard lift does, such as privacy, ease of entry, and security. The advantage of a roof pitch and high lift garage door is that they also provide that extra space you want. 

Doorman Services installs these custom doors in your unique home or business to help optimize your space. If you are considering a custom garage door, it is best to consider which door would best benefit your needs. Please consider the differences between these custom garage doors. 

Standard Lift: This garage door best suits the homes or businesses that don’t have above standard height or vaulted garage ceilings. 

  • Garage with standard 7-8 feet height is best for standard garage door lift.  

High Lift: If the large gap between your garage door and ceiling gets in your way or is just not the best use of your space, a high lift might be what you need. 

  • Stabilized Garage door tracks are installed along the wall of your garage entrance allowing the door to reach the height of your ceiling, giving you additional clearance and space for your tools, storage, and equipment.  

Follow Roof Pitch Lift: Having a beautiful vaulted ceiling and steep incline roof is no longer just for show but also for space.

  • Follow roof pitch lifts is used when a ceiling pitch is greater than 3:12
  • Vertical tracks are installed to allow the garage door to follow the pitch or incline of your roof, maximizing the ceiling space in your garage. This garage door has a similar concept to the high lift garage doors. 

What's The Difference Between a High Lift And Follow Roof Pitch Lift Garage Door?

The difference is that a roof pitch door follows the incline of your roof, keeping the door flat against the ceiling, while a high lift brings the garage door to the ceiling before the pitch, still leaving a gap at the start of your roof’s incline.

Custom Designs

Unique garages can have distinctive looks. Doorman Services provide your choice of style to make your garage doors match your home and give it that curbside appeal.

Materials: Most prevalent materials are wood, fiberglass, and aluminum.

Style: The styles range from modern to carriage homes, giving each house a look you have been wanting.

Color: Doorman Services is willing to match any color to your home, so you don’t have to worry about having a garage that does not look like it belongs.

Door Imagination System

If you are unsure how the garage doors will look, you can use Doorman’s Clopay Door Imagination System. The door imagination system enables you to try doors on your homes before purchasing by uploading an image of your house to find the right match for you.  

Feel free to contact us by phone or email for more information!

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  1. Where Can I purchase garage door tracks for a follow the pitch 4/12 on a 10foot high garage door

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