What Kind of Paint Can be Used on a Garage Door?

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Has your garage door begun to peel or crack? A blemished garage door can quickly give off an unkept or unwelcoming appearance. At first glance, it might even look to be damaged or broken. But, with some effort and the right tools, you can quickly (and affordably!!) reinvent your garage door. 

What kind of paint can be used on a garage door? Which option of paint is the most durable? Using the right paint is essential to do your hard work last.

Garage Door Painting Checklist

Before jumping in and buying the first discount bucket of paint you see at your local hardware store, take a moment to go through the following checklist of questions:

  • What paint is currently on my garage door?
  • What material is the garage door made of?
  • How big is my garage door, and what is my price range?

Having a clear answer to these questions will help you find the proper kind of paint and keep you from running back to the store for more paint.

So, what paints are recommended for garage doors?

Pinpoint The Right Materials

It’s recommended to use either exterior water-based latex paints or oil-based paints. But, of course, which paint you use depends on what your garage door is made of.

Garage doors are typically made from one of the following materials: fiberglass/vinyl, wood, or metal. So, a paint that works well on one of these materials might not last too long on different materials.


  • Stick with exterior latex paints.
  • Avoid oil-based paints.


  • Stick with exterior latex paints. 
  • Avoid oil-based paints.
  • Note: A primer is essential if you are painting on new wood. If painting stained wood, TSP (trisodium phosphate) works great to prepare the wood for long-lasting paint.


  • Stick with oil-based paints to avoid rust.
  • Avoid water-based paints.

Regardless of which material your garage is made of, an exterior primer beforehand will help the paint go on smoother and last longer. Try to let the primer try for at least 12 hours before painting.

Interior Garage Door

While it might not be as visible as its exterior counterpart, we can’t forget about your garage door’s interior! Maintaining your garage as a whole will ensure it stays working correctly and safely.

Neglecting the interior paint can lead to rust and frankly puts a wrench in the overall feel of your garage. Thankfully, the painting process is essentially the same. Since the interior is also exposed to the elements, exterior paint and primer are still recommended.

Sometimes a fresh coat of paint is all that’s needed to ‘repair’ a garage door. However, there are deeper-rooted issues that sooner or later need to be corrected sooner or later.

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