Residential Garage Doors

Amarr, Clopay, and Steel-Craft

When it comes to residential garage doors, Doorman Service Company is proud to carry the most popular lines of the most popular garage door manufacturers.

Amarr Garage Doors:

Amarr has been making garage doors since 1951.  They are one of the world’s leading Garage Door designers, manufacturers, and distributors of both commercial and residential garage doors.

Amarr boasts a garage door line that has 12 different stylish models to choose from.

Amarr Garage Doors are a high quality, durable, and safe.

Clopay Garage Doors:

Clopay has been building beautiful residential garage doors since 1964.   Clopay has a variety of garage doors that are made of different materials (Wood, Steel, and Aluminum) giving homeowners a wider selection to fit the decor of their home.

Clopay offers 2 collections of Wood Garage Doors; the “Portfolio Line” and the “Classic Line”

Clopay is the largest garage door manufacturer in North America.  Clopay’s wide selection of garage doors will ensure that there is a door made of the material you want, that will match both your budget and your decor.

Steel-Craft Garage Doors:

Steel Craft has been making garage doors since 1963.  Their massive manufacturing facility is 325,000 square feet and is located in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada.

Steel Crafts line up includes several models across several different price ranges.

Steel Craft doors are available in a wide variety of colors.

Commercial Garage Doors

Residential Lines + Wayne Dalton, R&S Manufacturing

Commercial Garage Doors are an essential part of any commercial property.  Doorman Service Company carries 5 manufacturers of commercial garage doors for you to choose from:

Amarr, Clopay, Steel-Craft:

Please see information under Residential Garage Doors column for more info about these companies

Wayne Dalton Garage Doors:

Wayne Dalton was founded in 1954.

Wayne Dalton is our most popular line of commercial garage doors.

Our selection of Wayne Dalton Commercial Garage doors includes either insulated or non insulated steel doors.

R&S Manufacturing Garage Doors:

R&S was founded in 1954 and is a leading producer of commercial rolling steel doors.

R&S Garage Doors are made at 3 separate locations from Southern California to Northern Oregon.

Depending on your needs, R&S has the right door for you.  The offer 4 different categories of doors.  Standard Duty, Heavy Duty, Thermal Guard, and Climate Guard.